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In the 21st century competent specialists remain the key capital of any company. Consulting business is no exception. Like in a good symphony orchestra, where a harmonious whole is the result of individuality and professionalism of each musician, in our business impressive success is achieved solely through personal involvement of all the team specialists in our common work. Employees of our company possess unique experience of successful implementation of projects of any complexity level, and each of them is an expert in a narrow subject field.

However masterly the musicians perform, it is only the orchestra conductor who can arrange the orchestra and make it play in unison. Effective work is the result of competence and responsibility of each team member under discerning and careful guidance of an experienced leader. Together our team possesses a great potential to solve problems successfully and beautifully.

The MCFR Consulting specialists choose only the best of modern methods and technologies for realization of projects of management systems introduction. Our methodological basis worked out for implementation and management of complex projects has been tested in the specific context of the Russian economy, as well as in foreign markets. We employ the most up to date software and see to it that our tools meet the most exacting criteria and high standards of certification. Among the company’s priorities the most important one is its impeccable reputation, for in our business there are no false notes.

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