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About group of companies

About group of companies

MCFR Consulting is a part of the “International Centre of Financial and Economic Development” (ICFER) holding, and today is one of the most actively developing Russian consulting companies, providing a full spectrum of auditing and consulting services: audit, financial and tax consulting, management consulting and IT consulting.  MCFR Consulting uses the potential of all divisions of its holding, guaranteeing an integrated approach to the client’s tasks and the benefit of a synergistic effect.

MCFR Consulting is rated fifth by the agency “Expert RA” in tax consulting activities in Russia and takes 28th place among the largest consulting firms in the country.  The overall revenue of the company is about 517 million roubles, and it has over 300 employees.  The clients of MCFR Consulting consist of more than 450 Russian companies and government organisations.

MCFER-consulting is an independent member of Kreston International



MCFR Consulting is an independent member of Kreston International.

MCFR Consulting is a member of:

  • The International Congress of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs;
  • The Moscow Audit Chamber;
  • The Chamber of Tax Consultants.

The specialists of MCFR Consulting possess the necessary knowledge and professional experience to provide consultation of a strategic, financial, organisational-management or industrial-economic character, with high practical value for the client.  Among the company’s specialists are experienced experts, well-known authors of books, textbooks, reference works on accounting and taxation, and articles in the mass media.  More than ten employees have an educational level of “Candidate of Science” and “Doctor of Science” in different scientific fields.

The professional risks of MCFR Consulting are insured by “ROSNO Russian National Insurance Company” (insurance policy No. G27-421805/32-16/1/32-16-01) to the amount of one million USD, in accordance with Federal Law No. 119-FZ “On auditing” dated 07.08.01.

MCFR Consulting possesses the status of "IBM Premier Business Partner", “Microsoft Partner” in the competence of Microsoft Business Solutions and Data Management Solutions.  More than 30 specialists are certified in all of the Microsoft Dynamics product line.  More than 60 certifcates are held in various subject areas.  In 2005 the company began to work on standardisation, with the goal of receiving the ISO 9000 international quality certificate.

The company has regional representatives in Kazakhstan, Uzbekhistan, Azerbaijan and Ukraine.


MCFR Consulting has realised more than 300 projects for state and commercial enterprises.

Among the major clients of the company are:

  • The Ministry of Education and Science
  • The Ministry of Work and Social Development
  • The Ministry of Natural Resources
  • The Federal Forestry Agency
  • The Federal Road Agency (Rosavtodor)
  • The Moscow Department of Construction Investment Programmes
  • Norilsk Nickel
  • BSMPO-AVISMA corporation
  • Mosinzhstroy
  • Moskapstroy
  • Stroytransgaz
  • Transmark
  • Varyeganneftegaz
  • Rosneft
  • Mosgorteplo
  • Mosenergo
  • Mosvodokanal
  • The N.A. Dollezhal Institute of Power Engineering
  • Novatek
  • Gazprombank
  • STS
  • Vladivostok Sea Trade Port
  • Megafon
  • Moscow Metropolitan


  • License on the realisation of auditing activity (No. E 002394, issued by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, dated November 6, 2002. No. 255);
  • License on performing work connected with national security information (No. B 328543, issued by the FSB Russia for Moscow and Moscow Region, dated November 3, 2003);
  • Evaluation License (No. 007150, issued by the Ministry of Property Relations of the Russian Federation dated August 26, 2003);
  • License on the development and/or production of confidential information security devices (No. 346K, dated January 15, 2004);
  • License on the development and production of security coding (cryptic) devices and information and telecommunication means protected by security coding (cryptic) devices (No. 347P, dated January 15, 2004);
  • icense on the technical maintenance of coding (cryptic) devices (No. 348H, dated January 15, 2004);
  • License on the distribution of coding (cryptic) devices (No. 349P, dated January 15, 2004).

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